New York Blower attended the Made in La Porte County 2019 Products Showcase Event at the former Whirlpool building in La Porte, Indiana on October 4, 2019. There were 43 La Porte county manufacturing businesses in attendance. Over 2,600 
Made in LaPorte Countystudents from various school districts and the AK Smith Center passed through the event. Michelle Kanger, Human Resources Administrative Assistant, and Jay Amberg, Regulatory Compliance/Safety Trainer, represented nyb in this event. Pictured to the left, the floating ball display was used which enamored students and prompted them to ask numerous questions about nyb. Such principles like fan fundamentals, system effects, and a brief history of the company were discussed with attendees. Events like these give individuals a better sense of the manufacturing companies within their communities, and help to develop relationships between companies and potential employees on a more meaningful level. The event was sponsored by the La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership.

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