Capture-16High temperature fans are used for a variety of purposes, typically ranging from 1200F-1800F (650C-980C). Some common industries are aluminum, steel, copper, carbon/charcoal, waste incineration, and others. Fan sizes typically range from 12"-84" (305mm-2130mm) but larger custom fans can be manufactured as well. The common fan types are centrifugal fans with forward curved or paddle style wheels, or axial fans with single-direction or reversing flow construction. Typical arrangements are 1 and 8, with materials ranging based on application demands. For instance, 316 SS can be used for fans up to 1500F, and other materials can withstand different temperature ranges. Some common accessories include insulation between alloy hot surfaces and mild steel cold surfaces, water-cooled shaft, heat slingers, and floating construction to accommodate thermal growth. For more information, talk to your local sales representative or click here.

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